Hi there. My name is Kyle Hart. I’m a biostatistician in OB/GYN at Oregon Health & Science University. I also am available for moonlighting. For more about me and what I’ve done, take a look at my CV.

Do you have questions?

Q: What does “trahelyk” mean?

A: Nothing. It’s just my name backwards.

Q: What have you put on Github?

A: I’m working on a suite of convenience functions that I use to ease my day-to-day workflow. Things that might interest other people include these projects:

  • My tidy_tableone() function, which summarizes a dataset and produces a Markdown, HTML, or LaTeX table with a single function call.
  • My present_mdl() function, which formats and presents a Markdown, HTML, or \LaTeX summary for a variety of different kinds of regression models.

Both of these can be found in my package trahelyk, which is really just a messy collection of stuff I’ve put together over the years. Some of it is obsolete; some of it is a bad idea. And some of it is pretty great, if I may say so. I’m trying to adapt it to the tidyverse mindset and to make it use tidyverse tools and principles wherever possible.